How to Improve Your Door Security


Doors - the only reasonable way to get in and out of different spaces with ease and convenience. While there is no such thing as a house without doors, many homeowners who have been victims of unauthorized entries and robberies would say that they would much rather do without the humble door. Although doors do make it easy for us to transition to and from the different areas in our home, they can also pose a security threat especially if they're left without the necessary door reinforcement to keep out unwanted guests. If you're looking for ways to improve your door security, these simple tips and tricks should help you along the way.

1.            Invest in Reinforced Strike Plates - A strike plate is a small protruding plate usually made of metal which is affixed to a doorjamb to secure the bolt in place. What many homeowners don't know is that there are reinforced strike plate lock sets available on the market to help improve the security level of a door. By installing these plates, you can make your door impervious to being lock picked and bumped open. This will reduce the chances of a robber getting into your house and will make your space safer for all your house mates and family members.

2.            Install a Security Alarms - Visit any electronics shop or hardware store and you're bound to find a security system that you can attach to your door. This smart security solution will set off an alarm if in case anyone enters your property without the proper authorization. What's more, many of these will even send an emergency signal to a nearby police station so you can get an immediate response for the intrusion. Security systems all have different methods to detect a robber or break in, however most of these will have to be attached to your door to properly function.

3.            Buy a Door Stopper - Yes, you may not realize this but a simple door stopper proves to be a practical and easy solution to help you increase the door security in your home. Lodging one of these wooden or rubber wedges between the lower border of your door and the floor can greatly increase the security of your door, and is highly effective at resisting any pushing forces coming from the opposite side. Using this in combination with any of the previously mentioned methods will greatly improve your door security and will make your home safer to live in. You may read further about reinforcement strike plate at